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Why would you travel to see your favorite band?

After taking a long blogging break, here I am. My interests have changed as well as my point of view and I caught myself debating on what I would like to talk about. Maybe making a new blog? No, I'm not creating another account like I've been doing on Instagram (running multiple accounts for each area of interest a.k.a. bands, trying not to flood my personal account with fangirl posts - failed!). Creating a new login on social media just gets me more anxious and I feel like I need to check every update through the day. Those Whatsapp group chats just creep me out. 
That being said, I'd like to talk about things I love, experiences that I've been through, selfish as it may seem, I admit. From now on, I'm writing a few posts about traveling as a fan. Traveling to see your favorite band feels like killing two birds with one stone. On top of that, you might be able to make friends for life, people who you can talk about all sort of things besides the main subject: the band.
Recently, when I told my ob-gyn I was going to Jamaica, he said that his 30-something son was heading off to Germany just to see his favorite rock band playing live. See? I'm not the only one. 

Before going further, I just want to make that clear

Hanson Day

I went to Tulsa, Oklahoma last year to attend Hanson day that lasts not only for a day but for a whole weekend in their hometown. For those who don't remember who the hell I'm talking about, Wikipedia might be helpful. They released their first album in 1997 and the governor of Oklahoma declared May 6th as Hanson Day. It seems that it was not supposed to be permanent, but no one can control a fandom made of crazy teenagers. So that, the day has been celebrated from 2007-2011 recording Middle of Nowhere Acoustic for example and after that, every year they promote activities for the fans around 3CG studios on Main Street - no references to Beatles/Abbey Road thing. Basically, it's like a big reunion.  

Next post, I'll explain the activities from what I could experience in 2016. They may change from year to year, though.
This video right here is a recap of the event and if you have nothing interesting to do, you might be able to find me not only in the midst of the crowd during the concert but also queuing at the gallery wearing a witch hat as Zac was telling us stories about baby poop and Lego. You know, just another day being Zac "Random" Hanson. 

Back to the Island

This event happens in January and it looks like a summer camp for 30+ fans behave like 12-year-old girls free of judgments. Nooo, just kidding. I hope not to see Zac getting his shirt ripped off by fans ever again. That was a nightmare. Poor guy! Nowadays, we pretend like we don't care whenever they're around, but we're totally freaking out inside. No one needs to know that, right? At least, that's what I do and how I feel every single time. When I found out about BTTI, I tried to relate to the Backstreet Boys Cruise, except for taking place in a beach resort. Maybe not. BSB Cruise is insane, it looks like a strip club from what I could tell by seeing photos over the past years. I don't mean to be offensive but that's how it looks like. I'm a BSB fan but it's kind of embarrassing. 

Resultado de imagem para backstreet boys cruise stri´p

Well, BSB and Hanson fans differ from each other when it comes to behavior. believe me, I've been a fan for 20 years now. I feel like BSB enjoy all the 90's frenzy coming back when they're on stage and they live like celebrities, you know, bodyguards and all. I must be fair by saying that some Hanson fans still think that Taylor is a freaking unicorn, a God, whatever. Okay, he's gorgeous but way more approachable. To sum things up, it's more likely to hear hysterical screams and OMG's at a BSB concert. Period. It's a deafening noise I can't even put into words. I should stop making comparisons by now. Let me show you another video.

Except for 2015, when BTTI took place in Cancún, Mexico it's been held in Jamaica since 2013. I'll tell you later how was the trip and my adventures a few days before the event being 5 months pregnant and trying to stay away from any suspicious smoke. Here's my advice: get there a few days earlier or stay for a little longer. It's totally worth it once you have already sold your kidneys on the black market to pay for plane tickets and all, take some time to make sightseeing and have fun.

Next post, if you're traveling internationally to attend Hanson Day, I'll give you some tips about travel expenses, visa, tickets for Hday, etc.

All the best,

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